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AKA The Point Man. First appeared in issue #28 (and previously, in Cole's flashback sequence in issue #10). A seemingly unimportant gas station attendant and part time smuggler in El Paso, Texas, Wylie was revealed to have once been thought of as the most intelligent and focused of the Minutemen, as well as by far the best marksman and the deadliest of all the group with a gun. Before his deactivation, he was widely considered the most skilled of the group and served as their field leader. He attracted the attention of Dizzy Cordova after an unsuccessful attempt by Shepherd to reactivate him. Some time after that, Graves offered to Wylie an attaché whose contents implicated Shepherd in the murder of Rose Madrid, his deceased lover and a member of a family of the Trust.

After being reactivated by Graves in New Orleans, Wylie briefly flared with purpose in order to confront his demons, finally making peace with Shepherd (and his own part in Rose Madrid's death) shortly before Shepherd was slain. Soon however, Wylie reverted to his directionless ways, tagging along behind Dizzy through the Mexican desert. Wylie told Graves off when he requested Wylie bring Dizzy into the fold, and was forced to kill his old partner Coochie and his men when they confronted Wylie and Dizzy upon Graves' orders.

After encountering Victor Ray, Wylie decided to meet with Graves and exchanged words with Cole and Remi, suggesting he had figured out Graves' plan after mentioning that Graves was possibly attempting an atonement for a dark deed in his past. Tragically, Remi mistook Wylie's reaching for matches in his pocket as him drawing a gun and shot his former leader through the chest (although Victor later suspected other possible motivations for the shooting). Graves rushed to Wylie in shock and horror, but it was too late to save him. As Wylie died, he had a vision of Rose coming to greet him in the afterlife.

Wylie was set apart from the other Minutemen by his skills and leadership. In the completed Atlantic City flashback, he is shown as leading the Minutemen in Graves absence, and seems at various times to exhibit the Agent's capability and vision for coordination and planning. These traits, along with his marksmanship, are likely the reason for his being codenamed "The Point Man." Wylie is one of the more redemptive characters in the series, having shown a greater capacity for empathy and caring for other people than several of his fellow Minutemen. He became especially close with Dizzy Cordova, and their relationship carried several parallels to Wylie's with tragically lost love, Rose Madrid.

Wylie was reactivated in issue #53 by a musician citing the title of a song he had written, "Blue Day for Croatoa." The title was suggested to the musician by Graves.