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First appeared in issue #87. A retired Minuteman, Will Slaughter has been working as a contract killer in order to support his young wife and three girls. According to himself, his replacement as a Minuteman was someone he raised himself (a son or otherwise). He has recently been brought back into the activities of the Trust by Joan D'Arcy, following the elimination of three Trust heads within one week. He killed Abe Rothstein on D'Arcy's orders, and later assassinated Javier Vasco. He was next seen sneaking into Lono's room, and appeared ready to kill him, but Slaughter quietly walked away when he overheard Lono's phone conversion with the remaining Minutemen. Slaughter was revealed to be the father of Victor Ray in issue #100, and is seen leaving the Medici estate with Victor and Loop Hughes during the climactic melee.