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AKA The Rain. First appeared in issue #50 (and previously, obscured in a Cole's flashback sequence in issue #10), where he recounted the story of Roanoke and the origins of the Trust. Graves activated Victor while on his way to meet Dizzy in Chicago for the first time, although this fact is only revealed much later on in the series. For an extended period of time, Victor remained unaffiliated with the rest of the Minutemen as they became reactivated, for reasons known only to him and Graves.

Recruited by Lono and Loop shortly after they were released from prison, he carried out the apparent assassination attempt on Megan Dietrich in San Diego and escaped unnoticed. It was later revealed in issue #79 that Lono engineered the purposely botched assassination attempt to solidify power amongst members of the Trust. During this time, Victor also served as a mentoring partner of Loop in the ways of the Minutemen. Eventually, Victor deserted Lono's group in the Mexican desert in favor of Graves, apprehending Branch and Dizzy and leaving an unconscious Benito for his former comrades.

Victor (along with Remi) struck again in issue #84, gunning down the wife, children, and associates of the House of Rhone before killing family head Sigmar Rhone himself. He also assassinated Helena Kotias and Constance Von Hagen. Later when Remi was horribly injured, Victor visited him in the hospital, and was the only witness to Remi's suicide. A short while later, Victor was also seen in Omaha, targeting a gun at the household where Tibo Vermeer, Megan Dietrich and Joan D'Arcy were meeting, but the attack was called off by Graves at the last minute due to Vasco's death. He was then made aware of Loop, Cole and Jack's whereabouts and confronted them in an armed standoff at Jack's motel. His loyalty to Graves shaken by Cole's defection, Victor teamed up with the remaining Minutemen to confront Graves.

Victor leaves the series with Loop and his own father, Will Slaughter, driving away from the burning house of Medici as the series' climactic events unfold.

Victor consistently shows complete control over his emotions and utter dedication to his work. He is notable among the Minutemen for his apparently high intelligence and tremendous precision in executing his missions. Victor is also a highly accurate shot, able to shoot Megan Dietrich just above the heart, as ordered. While Victor appeared the most unquestioningly loyal to Graves of anyone through most of the series, he ultimately chose to side with his intuition rather than follow Graves to his possible/probable death issue #100.

Victor was reactivated immediately prior to the events depicted in issue #1. Agent Graves whispered the word into Victor's ear moments before he first approached Dizzy.

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