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First appearance in issue #70. The brother of Remi Rome, Ronnie was an enforcer for small time mobster Mimo Pallidino in Cleveland. Ronnie was given an attaché from Agent Graves, with Remi as his target. Remi found the attaché before it could be used, and confronted Ronnie about it, but the gun was not actually fired until the pair find themselves in a shootout with meat thieves (a battle that left Ronnie crippled).

Following the assault, Remi disappeared (to resume his life as an activated Minuteman) and Ronnie was eventually visited by Agent Graves. Graves made use of Ronnie, sending him to Italy to recover the La Morte dil Cesar painting from Echo Memoria. Ronnie delivered the painting to Cole Burns, who came close to shooting Ronnie in revenge for Remi killing Wylie.

After finding out about Remi's accident, Ronnie was on his way to visit his brother in the hospital when his taxi was overturned in a road rage-related accident. Ronnie was last seen on a stretcher outside of the hospital where Remi committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the hospital. It is unclear if Remi fell on his brother or not, but it is made clear that Ronnie did witness his brother's fall.