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AKA The Saint. First appeared in issue #70 (and previously in Cole's flashback sequence in issue #10.) The seventh Minuteman was concealed by Graves himself, following the Atlantic City incident. Remi's life after being deactivated consisted of working as a meat packer and living at home with his mother and brother in Cleveland. Following his reawakening and an assault on some meat thieves, Remi rejoined Graves' fold. In his capacities as a Minuteman, Remi is shown to be remarkably sadistic, displaying cruel tendencies at times on the level of Lono, as when he volunteered to kill Mia Simone, and when executed the family (including young children) of Sigmar Rhone with Victor Ray.

There seemed to be some bitterness between Remi and Cole as they both went out of their way at times to insult one another. In Mexico, Remi was responsible for murdering Wylie Times when he ostensibly mistook Wylie's reaching for matches to be the drawing of a gun. The subsequent elimination of the Rhone faction culminated in the murder of Rhone's family and mistress (both of which Sigmar Rhone was forced to watch, helplessly, until his own elimination occurred.)

Remi lost both of his hands in an explosion during his second botched attempt to terminate Joan D'Arcy. Because of this career-ending injury and possibly due to some lingering guilt over Wylie's death, he jumped from the roof of the hospital he was admitted to, an act of suicide. Meanwhile, his brother Ronnie was being carted into the same hospital from an ambulance after an automobile accident. It is unknown whether or not Remi lands on his brother, but Ronnie opened his eyes just in time to see Remi descend. Although his impact not actually shown, it is strongly intimated that at least Remi would be killed by his fall.

Remi's personality seemed to annoy lots of people with his couldn't-care-less attitude. His own brother, Ronnie, claimed to have hated him (even as he loved him), and Graves confronted Remi violently about his behaviors on at least one occasion. His immature behavior might be attributed to the fact that Remi was relatively young as a member of the Minutemen - likely the youngest member at the time of the group's dissolution in Atlantic City. His tendency not to over-think orders and ruthlessness in executing missions made him Graves' workhorse, and a natural partner for the disciplined and experienced Victor Ray.

Remi was reactivated in issue #73 after Agent Graves paid a homeless person to write "Croatoa" in the snow on Remi's car.