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Louis "Loop" Hughes (aka The Boy). First appeared in issue #15. Loop was a relatively well adjusted teenager living in Philadelphia, foregoing the gangster life-style of his peers. Despite his being the target in Graves' attache, Loop decided instead to reconcile his differences with his estranged father, Curtis. After their reunion, Loop was tutored by Curtis for a short while before Curtis' death.

Soon after, he was implicated in a murder and sent to prison, an outcome intended by Graves, after Loop declined an offer to work for him. While imprisoned, he was trained to become a Minuteman under Lono, at Mr. Shepherd's request. The two were released following Shepherd's death, and Loop followed Lono in pursuing Sheperd's unfinished agenda.

Loop's first assignment as a Minuteman was to act as spotter for Victor Ray in the failed assassination attempt on Megan Dietrich. With Lono promoted to Warlord of the Trust, Loop found a new mentor in Victor. He was ordered to kill Cole by Lono but was stopped by Jack. After several more attempts by Lono to break the remaining Minutemen apart, Loop eventually joined Victor, Cole and Jack to confront Graves and the Trust.

In issue #100, Loop kills several body guards in the climactic events at the Medici residence before finally deciding that he did not want to be a Minuteman and, just as he intended to do after his father's death, Loop walks away. During the series' climactic events, he was shown driving away from the burning house of Medici with Victor Ray and Will Slaughter, having decided not to go down the violent path of a Minuteman.