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First appeared in issue #26. An art thief of Italian origin, Echo Memoria was first seen in Paris, touting herself as a prostitute to Branch in order to extract information about the Trust from him. She was next seen with Milo Garret as part of a scheme to steal the La Morte dil Cesar painting. She disappeared with Lono and the painting after Garret's death, but soon left him as well. She was immediately arrested at the airport as she attempted to flee the country by purchasing a plane ticket with some of the stolen money used by Shepherd to set Lono up.

Some time later, Echo was apparently released from custody and, according to Cole Burns, she returned to Europe. Later, Graves sent Ronnie Rome to Europe to retrieve the La Morte dil Cesar painting from her. Echo was next seen in Atlantic City in issue 88 talking to Mr. Branch, and he is later found dead at the same spot where they met. Eventually, Echo then met up with Jack, who was in possession of the La Morte dil Cesar painting, before she was killed by Cole Burns in retaliation for the murder of his friend Branch.

In the end, her body was wrapped in the painting she had so long sought, and both were dumped into a swamp. The entire significance of the painting to Echo is never fully made clear.