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Isabelle "Dizzy" Cordova (aka "The Girl"). First appeared in issue #1. The first person to be visibly approached by Graves, Dizzy was an ex-gangbanger who accepted his offer to avenge the deaths of her husband and child at the hands of crooked cops after her release from prison. She was subsequently recruited by Shepherd on behalf of Graves and sent to Paris, ostensibly to be briefed by a reticent Mr. Branch on the nature of her employers.

Dizzy was undergoing training by Shepherd to replace Milo as a Minuteman (perhaps the first female one), and was contested for control between Shepherd and Graves. When she refused to go with Graves, her apparently accidental activation by Wylie led to Shepherd's death at her hands. Grief stricken, she sought solace in the desert surrounding Juárez with thoughts of revenge against Graves until she was soon confronted by the attentions of three men: Wylie, Branch and Benito Medici. Graves later explains that if it was he who activated Dizzy - Shepherd would still be alive.

Following Wylie's death, Dizzy was taken to Graves by Victor Ray, and agreed to become a Minuteman. From that time forward, she accompanied Graves until finally running into Lono at the meeting of Graves, Augustus Medici and Javier Vasco. Lono (who blamed her for Shepherd's death) attacked Dizzy, and after a fight subdued and delivered her personally to Benito. When Benito saw Dizzy beaten and bound, he shot Lono, and took Dizzy inside to tend to her injuries.

In issue #100, Dizzy was named the new Agent of the Trust by Graves, and was tasked with punishing whoever killed Benito. She confronted Megan, but was interrupted by Cole, who had prepared to deal with Megan himself. After Dizzy left Megan to Cole, the pools of gasoline in the room were accidentally ignited by Cole's dropped lighter, and the resulting explosion seriously injured Dizzy. She was thrown from the balcony and fell onto a vase which shattered, possibly injuring her spine. Graves found her laying on the ground in the burning house, and told her that he had killed Augustus Medici. In the final scene of the series, Graves cradles Dizzy's body in the burning house, and she pressed a gun to his head. As an Agent, she says that she must punish him for taking action against another house. Their ultimate fates are not shown, but since Dizzy is unable to walk out of the burning, isolated house, her survival appears unlikely.