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First appeared in issue #15. Curtis Hughes was the father of Loop Hughes. He left his family when Loop was very young, and eventually took up working as a collections man for small-time mobster Rego in Philadelphia. Curtis was a past acquaintance and operative of Graves, and he enjoyed at least token respect from most of the Minutemen. It is revealed that Curtis was once selected by Graves to become a Minuteman himself, but the Trust blocked his appointment because of his race, and as a consequence his role was restricted to assisting Graves in the recruitment and training of other Minutemen (including Mr. Shepherd). His disillusionment with the Trust based on their racism lead to him eventually leaving Graves' service.

After Graves' gave Loop an attaché containing his father's picture, Curtis became reacquainted with his son, whom he mentored for a brief period of time. Curtis then refused Graves' offer of an attaché of his own, and as well as another chance to become a Minuteman in his advanced age.

Covering for his son Loop over some stolen money owed to Rego, Curtis was finally killed by Rego's henchmen in an arson attack.