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First appeared in issue #23. Crete is the massive, quiet bodyguard of Augustus Medici. Crete is shown to possess great skills at his job, has tremendous physical strength, is an excellent fighter and tracker, and despite his size is preternaturally quick. He declined Lono's attempt to recruit him as a soldier when he was made Warlord of the Trust, preferring instead to continue to provide his services to the House of Medici. Crete seems to be incredibly loyal to the Medici family and will stop at nothing to protect them. He openly detests Lono and repeatedly states that he will kill him if he does anything to harm the Medicis. It is revealed that Crete was once recruited to join the Minutemen (presumably by Graves), but he chose to become the Medici's bodyguard instead.

In issue #100, Crete stands in the way of Jack Daw from entering the Medici household, fighting him until they fall into the alligator pit, where they are both apparently eaten.