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First appeared in issue #12. Mr. Branch was a journalist who was offered the attaché by Graves. He chose to investigate the origins of Graves' power and uncovered the existence of the Trust along the way. This earned him a traumatic visit from Lono, as well as an encounter with Shepherd, who revealed to him the deeper history of the Trust and the Minutemen.

Branch fled to Paris, and continued to research his obsession at great personal risk. He was briefly scared off the case by Cole Burns during Dizzy Cordova's visit to Paris, but developed an infatuation for her, which led him to accept a dangerous request by Megan Dietrich to return to the States. Diverted from meeting with Megan, he was compelled by Cole to track down Echo Memoria in Europe, but reneged on the deal in order to chase after Dizzy. He found Dizzy in Mexico along with Wylie Times and Benito Medici. The quartet lived together until Victor captured Dizzy and Branch and brought them back to the States (with Branch losing a finger in the process).

Cole then met Branch once more, and tasked him with the recovery the stolen La Morte dil Cesar painting from Ronnie Rome. Branch met his end in Atlantic City in issue #88, at the hands of Echo Memoria. Cole would later kill Echo to avenge Branch, with whom he had established an unlikely friendship.

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